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"Dr. Phill says:

We know too many people in our life ..
we care and love them so much that we don’t want to lose them ..
But suddenly
we got shocked , disappointed and maybe hurt !!
Wondering ”Why is this happening?” ..
For moment we lose our faith on people .. promising ourselves not to trust anyone anymore ..
Then we move on ..
Meeting new people ..
and the same process keeps continuing again and again ..
Not because we’re dump or weak
but because this is the way of life ..
There is a lesson behind every pain ..
a message with every person we meet ..
a purpose for everything in life ..
we cannot change facts ..
but we can only {change ourselves }."
(via dallo-xd)

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this is everything


I want to sit down and eat pizza until the rest of my life.

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I need all of these

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cutiepies!! aso special thank you to Marouane Fellaini’s fro!!